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Your Municipality's Dedicated Communications Team for a Fraction of the Cost

AVT Communities is an unlimited communications service committed to helping Municipalities connect with their residents and community stakeholders. Think of us as your Municipality's Communication Team of expert videographers, social media managers, copywriters and graphic designers. Our mission is to help your municipality share its story through outstanding video, social media, copy writing and graphic design!

We know most municipalities don't have a dedicated communications person, let alone an entire team. For those that do, they are pulled in so many directions making it challenging  to develop and execute a communications strategy.

AVT Communities was created to be an affordable communication team alternative that provides reliable and creative storytelling unlike anything available in the municipal space.


“AVT Communities has been a wonderful asset to our Township. As a Township Manager, it is vital to be able to relay important information to our community. With AVT Communities, we are able to devise strategies with their talented staff to utilize video and graphic design in an effort to deliver engaging and thought-provoking content to our citizens on social media and beyond.”


-Justin Yaich

 Township Manager, West Bradford Township

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