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Your municipality has graphic design needs every day; from flyers to social media graphics you want to be able to tell your story through strong visual communications. AVT Communities provides you with a high quality Graphic Designer that's easy to work with as part of our flat subscription price. No more paying for revisions.


All Your Departments, Boards and Commissions

Sanitation, Parks and Recreation, Supervisors or Council it doesn't matter who needs the graphic. AVT Communities will provide graphics for every part of your municipal organization. Our expert designers will ensure each graphic is consistent with your municipality's look and feel.

Brand Consistency

You'll be matched with a graphic designer who knows you by name and understands your municipality's brand and changing needs. If you don't already have a branding guide, AVT Communities will even help you put one together. Our goal is that you have the most stunning and consistent graphics on the web, in video or on social media.

An Intuitive Graphic Design Experience

AVT Communities portal was designed to give you the graphic design experience you deserve. Consolidate communication, organize files, keep an eye on project statuses, and automate repetitive tasks. All this along with unlimited storage so you can keep photos, fonts, or any other important assets in one central location. We'll help you get organized so you can focus on running your municipality.

  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Post Cards
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Anything that can easily be described in an email
  • Creation of new logos
  • Wire frame for websites
  • Anything you would require an onsite designer for
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