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Think of us as your communication team, better yet, your entire communications department. We've got you covered when it comes to video, social media, copy writing, and graphic design! Before we get started, it's good to learn a little bit about each other.


After signing up, we’ll ask you a few questions so that we can have a better understanding of your needs and how we can help your municipality. Then we will walk you through a series of videos that will teach you how to get the most value out of your AVT Communities relationship.



There are two different ways to submit design requests. You’re already
familiar with the first one:

Submitting an email request is as easy as it sounds! Just send any request you have to our specialized email address.
Our system will automatically route your request to your project manager— then, your project team will get to work. It will generally take 2-3 business days to receive your project's first round. However, some requests are more complex than others and will take additional time.
We will handle all requests on a first-in, first-out basis unless you specify otherwise. If you would like a current request to take priority over older requests, simply tag “Priority” in the subject of your email request.
The other way to submit requests (and our personal favorite) is by using the PMG Communities Portal - the app we created to make the submission process easier for you.
The AVT Communities Portal is our favorite way to submit requests because it ensures that you’re not missing any important details.

You can submit a request by following two
simple steps.

Step 1 is actually the only step that is mandatory! The other steps in the portal allow you to thoroughly explain to your project manager exactly what you’re looking for so they can nail it on their first attempt. Don’t worry - you will still be able to request unlimited revisions if needed!
In Step 1, you’ll name your project, and describe what you want in your request. The other fields in Step 1 are completely optional, but filling them in will help your project manager get a general vibe and style direction of your new request.
You also have the option to fill in the target audience, share links to inspiring photos or websites you want to work from, and you’ll also have a chance to describe what you’re NOT looking for.

Step 2 is the place to upload any assets you would like to share with your project manager for your request. You can upload logos, branding colors, a specific font, or even a hand-drawn doodle of what you’re looking for! Don’t worry if you’re not a good artist; our team is good enough to turn your napkin drawing or thoughts into communications gold.
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