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The power of video can’t be ignored. It’s the most engaging type of content available today. One-third of all online activity is spent watching videos with numbers expected to increase due to its value and impact on story telling.


Video Increases Trust


A key component to attaining and retaining residents and businesses is trust. Creating videos that are engaging and helpful allows residents to understand who they’re interacting with, which will help build a relationship and establish trust!


Video Increases Social Media Shares


92% of mobile users are likely to share videos on social media. The more likes and shares you get the more exposure your community receives through back links and clicks to your site.


Video Increases Time Spent On Your Website


Having videos on your site will entice visitors to stay on your page longer and will help them gain more trust by learning about your municipality in a visual way.

  • Short Form Video (1-1.5 minutes)
  • Re-purpose existing photo and video content provided by Municipality for use
  • Utilize copyright free stock video and photos
  • One or two camera in-studio production (In-Studio Option)
  • Will work with municipality to develop background for green screen (In-Studio Option)
  • Animation
  • Live Streaming
  • Anything requiring us to be onsite
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